Construction Activities — Week of September 19, 2022

The Connecticut Department of Transportation advises the following construction activities for the upcoming week:



  • Crews will continue working on clearing and grubbing, driveway realignment, and initial staging for the installation of a new retaining wall on the east side of Route 82 (Haddam side).
  • Crews will be performing exploratory test pits adjacent to Route 82 (Haddam side).


  • Crews will be performing miscellaneous inspections below the bridge.


  • No anticipated night activities.

Vehicle/Marine Impacts:

  • No anticipated lane closures this week.
  • The bridge is experiencing intermittent mechanical failures, engineers are on-site troubleshooting the issue, be advised that until this issue is resolved, the bridge may not be able to swing for marine traffic passage.

Please be advised:

  • Weekend work is not anticipated.
  • Signs will be posted to help guide the public.
  • Access to local businesses and residents within the work zones will be maintained.
  • Unforeseen circumstances have the potential to impact all scheduled construction activities.

If you have any questions related to construction, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

For Media Inquiries:

Office of Communications
Telephone: 860-594-3003